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We are print shop Coventry. Our walk-in customers are able to scan and print documents – simply pop into The Imaging Professionals, login to one of our computers and you will be able to print a single document from your email or from the internet ( This is self service, you must be able to log in to your email and print ). Our prices start from £0.30 per page (B/W) and £0.39 Colour and we also offer substantial discounts to local businesses or local architects that require A3, A4, A2, and A1 colour and black and white printing.

Many local businesses use The Imaging Professionals to photocopy timesheets and we are flexible enough to cater to most requirements. We can even hand deliver your large volume printing to your Coventry Central office. Simply give us a call and email us your presentation to print. We can collect payment online using Paypal, print and prepare your documents for you in-store and hand deliver your documents to you.

We can also rush print documents for you – do not hesitate to contact us with any of your business requirements, we are very flexible.

Print your documents from your email.

We offer all of our customers, quick fast crisp, print outs from their email or USB stick.

You can print directly from your email. What is fantastic about us is that we have colour and black and white laser printers available in store, in sizes A3 and A4.

A large number of customers in Coventry, visit us just to print their Boarding Pass – and as we are almost opposite the Old Ball Hotel – it’s fast and efficient to do this in-store.

Laminating of your documents, Wire Binding and student poster printing service are offered in store.

Our binding services in-store, are while you wait, which means that you can pop in at any time of our opening hours and get it done.

Further, We only use, Wire Binding – this is higher quality (we will never use Plastic) and best of all, your documents are able to be opened 360 Degrees with Wire Binding.

Print, Photocopy, scan, bind single-sided or double-sided at The Imaging Professionals in Coventry.


Print and Scan charges:

Printing (Minimum charge £1.0) B/W Printing Colour Printing
A4 1-20@ £0.30 each 1-20@ £0.40 each
A3 1-20@ £0.85 each 1-20@ £1.50 each

Copying (Minimum charge £1.0) B/W Print Colour Print
A4 1-20@ £0.30 each 1-20@ £0.40 each
A3 1-20@ £0.85 each 1-20@ £1.50 each

Laminating (Minimum charge £2.0)
A4 1-10@ £1.99 each 11-20@ £1.50 each 21-50@ £1.30 each 51+0@ £1.20 each
A3 1-10@ £2.99 each 11-20@ £2.55 each 21-50@ £2.35 each 51+0@ £2.20 each
A2 1-10@ £6.99 each 11-20@ £6.55 each 21-50@ £6.35 each 51+0@ £5.99 each

Coventry printer for Double-Sided Printing

The Imaging Professionals can create double-sided printing for you or double-sided printing. However, we charge our printing price per print, not per page, so for double-sided printing, simply double the price above or take your prints on two pages if you wish.

Binding for your Documents

Now that you have printed your document with us, why not take a look at our Binding Services? We offer a fast and efficient service in-store that will make your presentation truly spectacular.Not only do we shy away from using cheap plastic binds – our front and back covers are hand-picked by us which give a real leathery look and feel to them to ensure that your reports and documents look stunning and professional. As you would expect, we also stock the finest A4 Paper – and we have the best range of options available to you.Our aim is to be the one-stop place in Coventry for all of your Printing and Binding Needs. Also, we offer laminating service in case you need that! Pop in today, whether you are looking to send one file, or looking to scan a thousand pages, we can cater for it all.

We are here

The Imaging Professionals. 173a Walsgrave Road, Coventry, CV2 4HH Tel. 02476101687, 07448404391