Get Help and Assistance for an OCI Card – Pass is Guaranteed!

We are offering you to get an OCI Card through a very simple process. Our OCI in-store help services carefully complete the whole process and get you an OCI visa, with guaranteed passing of application. The OCI applications are completed for:

• Application for new and fresh OCI
• Conversion of PIO cards to OCI cards
• OCI cards are transferred to the new Passport
• Changes in your Address, Name, and Profession

We assure you that the team of The Imaging Professionals can definitely take care of the complete application process for getting you an OCI.oci card coventry

You can fully trust us that our team at The Imaging Professionals will handle the whole process and will get the OCI Card for you.

How to get an OCI by The Imaging Professionals OCI?

The prices system at The Imaging Professionals is so easy. We offer two packages to get an OCI.

Package # 1 includes oci visa photos only.
And Package 2 does not require any oci visa photos if you possess them already.

Package # 1:

We charge £29 for our OCI package # 1 (Premier Package). It includes the digitised passport photos and hard copies of your documents for OCI process in-store and we go through your OCI application. This is our most preferred package from our clients.

• Package # 2:

This package requires every document and you must bring the hard copies of your passport photos along with yourself when you come to visit us. We charge £25 for this package.

• Discount for Families: If you are applying for your family or more than 1 OCI applications at one time, you can get a family discount of 5%.

We are an expert in obtaining the OCI card for our clients. Team The Imaging Professionals is best in taking care of the whole application process and provide a fast and trouble-free service.

Book an Appointment With Our Team For Your OCI Card

Come visit us for more comprehensive information on how to get your OCI Cards. If you cannot come, just see the information mentioned below for further details about our services.

Help Services For OCI Applications

One of the main benefits of obtaining the OCI card is that you don’t need to get a tourist or a business visa to visit India again. You will get a life-long visa to India. The application process for getting an OCI card is complicated. But, The Imaging Professionals OCI is a saviour. We will fill your forms while you wait and walk you easily through the entire process. Our experts will complete the whole application process from the beginning to the end. You just need to relax while our experts upload all your documents and deal with the VFS Global to pass your OCI application.

For further queries, please contact us through email at

The Premier OCI Package – A Complete Package For Your Help

The Premier package for OCI is a complete package which requires everything to get an OCI from India’s High Commission. We charge £35 for Premier package. We offer you a 100% guarantee for passing the application process.

The Premier Package For OCI Includes:

• Help and assistance of OCI application from our expert staff
• Applications forms for fresh OCI are completed in-store and checked twice
• Suggestions and guidance for the documents required for OCI application
• Digital Photos are clicked in-store
• In-store printing of a hard copy of Passport photo for an OCI
• Resizing of digital photos for specific requirements
• Digital scanning of your signature
• Uploading of your documents to the VFS Global along with your application form for OCI
• Printouts of the complete OCI forms, one copy for you and one required for VFS Global
• Four copies of 2×2 inches or (51×51 cm) Indian passport photos are attached that are required for the VFS Global
• Your bookings will be confirmed at the office of VFS Global on your convenient timings. In case if you want to change the bookings after it is already booked, The Imaging Professionals will take care of it.
• You can avail this service to transfer your PIO card to OCI card
• The service is available to transfer your OCI card to fresh Passport
• The service is also available for the renewal of your OCI card
• We offer you full guarantee for passing an OCI application in one go. Otherwise, we are responsible to refill your whole application and bookings will be managed with VFS free of any cost.


OCI Help – Package # 2 for £25.00

Package # 2 for OCI application gives an amazing discount. It requires all the documents included in package # 1. But you need to bring your passport photos along with yourself.

We offer you a full guarantee for passing you the OCI application. This guarantee is not valid for passport photos because in this case, we do not digitise them.

We have VFS approved software system in-store to create the passport photos for OCI applications. That’s why we highly recommend you choose our Premier package, so we are fully responsible for passing your entire application process.
So, what are you waiting for?

Book an appointment with The Imaging Professionals and get your OCI Card now


Book an appointment for OCI help on the contact number given above or by email, to look for a perfect time for visiting us.

The OCI application process will hardly take 45 minutes to complete including your digital photos. You are welcome to our office with great pleasure, so make your appointment today.

List of Documents For an OCI Application

After booking your appointment with The Imaging Professionals, we will suggest you bring the required documents that fit your circumstances.
The list of documents will vary if either you or one of your parents have been born in India. And also, when you’ve already surrendered the Indian Passport.
Looks confusing? Don’t worry. We are here for you to answer your questions. And our experts will advise you for the whole process.

I cannot come to Coventry, to meet you. Can I still get an OCI Card?

Yes. You can easily get your OCI Card by following the link given below. It will take about 5 minutes for completing the application process. After completing the form, our staff member will call and guide you about the whole OCI application process. You don’t need to come and visit us in Coventry.

• The Imaging Professionals assists its clients all over the world with new and improved services
• We charge £25 only, for this package.


Resizing of OCI Signatures and Photos

Having any issues to resize your OCI signature or photo that are required for VFS? Leave it to us. Just click a picture of your signature and passport photo and email us. We are responsible for taking care of resizing your OCI photo and signature. You don’t need to come to Coventry.
We will do resizing of your signatures and images and send it back to you within a day (1 working day), probably the same day. It is guaranteed that it passes your application at VFS. We charge £12.99 to resize your OCI signature and photos altogether.

PDF Resizing of OCI Documents

Having any trouble to resize the OCI documents to upload in Section B online? The documents that include a marriage certificate, surrender certificate or naturalisation certificate. Just send it to us, we will resize it into the accurate PDF format to upload it in Section B.
Do email us all your documents to the address mentioned above.
We are happy to provide you this service of resizing your OCI Documents. It is fully guaranteed that they will get approved the same day.

OCI VISA Frequently Ask Questions

What is the OCI Card or the OCI Visa?

The OCI Cards were introduced in August 2005 by the act of Indian citizenship in 1955. A great number of applications have been filled and approved even with the latest technologies and online forms which are really difficult to approve. The Indian Visa, VFS Global, OCI, Passport & Consular service centre, and the Embassy of India have developed the online portal that processes new applications for OCI and issues the duplicate documents of OCI. The online portal of OCI also changes name, nationality, occupation, address, and loss & damage of an OCI registration, visa or certificate. These online applications are so frustrating and time-taking, but The Imaging Professionals is here to help you.

How long does it take to complete an OCI application?

When the applications are submitted to the VFS Global centre, an OCI visa is issued in about 6-8 weeks from Indian High Commission. If you transfer an OCI from the older passport to the new one, it will take about 10 to 12 days. Or if you want to transfer your OCI to a new passport, we recommend you choose Package # 1 or 2 mentioned above.

I want to travel to India – Should I apply for an OCI? And Is there any Fast Track service for OCI?

The VFS Global and the High Commission of India suggest you do not travel until you receive an OCI Visa. But we advise you to immediately begin to the application process for OCI Card as soon as possible. If it doesn’t arrive on time, we will proceed with your application for Tourist Visa for India. It will reach you in approximately 5 days.

The VFS does not take your passport longer than a period of 2 weeks when you apply for the OCI.

If you do not receive an OCI Card within time, we apply for an Indian Tourist Visa. And we will take care of your Indian Tourist Visa until it arrives.

For how many days will the VFS Global take my passport when I apply for the OCI Card?

The VFS will take your passport for about 2 weeks when you apply for the OCI Card or the OCI Visa. You can collect the passport after the period of two weeks but the whole process of the application for OCI takes longer. Previously, they only collect the photocopies of the passport only. But the High Commission of India has changed the rule in the mid of 2018.

Can I apply for a PAN Card and an OCI Card both at similar timings?

It is very important to have a PAN Card at the time when you apply for OCI Card. Because having a PAN Card at the same time is necessary.
The Imaging Professionals can easily fill out the application form for PAN Card at the time when you apply for an OCI application. Or if you want to avail this amazing opportunity, you need to take our Premier package mentioned above. Book your appointment with us by calling us or through email given above.

What specifications are there for the Passport Photos for an OCI?

Our expert staff knows each and every detail about the requirement of OCI application. We resize your photo, signature and every other document of your OCI application according to the same standards. The VFS Global and the High Commission of India have strict rules about OCI Visa applications. They do not accept any photos that are taken from any passport booth.

Special passport photos for OCI (both digitised and hard copies) are needed for an OCI application.
We guarantee you that our in-store special photo equipment will meet the exact criteria of the VFS standards.

The photos and thumb impression of a baby for an OCI. Is it necessary to bring my baby in-store?

No, it is not necessary to bring the minor applicant in-store. You just need to bring a picture of the passport photo of your baby and his/her thumb impression in your smartphone. We will resize it in-store. Also, you can choose our complete package, so we are responsible to take your baby’s thumb impression and digitise it.

General Information For OCI

• We assure to complete the whole application process to pass the OCI application. Section A and Section B both included in it.
• We ensure that Section A of your OCI application form is completed. It is done when you select either an individual candidate or a group of family, and the remaining details will be completed.
• The Imaging Professionals assures you that children of 18 years older or above (not minors) possess a completely independent application (for every child).
• The Imaging Professionals ensures you to select the accurate consultant. Your application will get rejected if you chose the inaccurate consulate.
• Before you send the application, The Imaging Professionals makes sure that all of your information is properly filled.
• It is necessary for an applicant to apply at VFS in person. But, The Imaging Professionals does this for you.
• OCI applications are not accepted if they are sent to VFS by post.

Please note that when you once submit the OCI application to the VFS Global for the process of application, it cannot be changed. The Imaging Professionals always makes sure that all of your information is entered properly, and there is nothing left in the application form. The Imaging Professionals always checks the application form twice to check whether all the information mentioned in the form is correct. The Imaging Professionals send the OCI application form after checking the form thoroughly.

Important Notes Applicants Less Than 18 Years for OCI Applications

If your child is less than the legitimate age of 18, then the following documents are required. The following list is included in the help package for an OCI application, but the OCI help ensures that you must have:

• Authorisation forms of Parents
• Copies of Parent’s UK or Foreign passports or the OCI cards
• The copy of the parent’s information page is required. In this page of the passport, the photo of the passport and other personal details are mentioned.
• If parents are having their OCI cards, the copies of all information pages are required for an OCI card.

People who are older than 20 years should apply for an OCI after the issuance of the new passport.

Is The Imaging Professionals OCI Help Integrated with the Indian High Commission or the VFS Global?

No, we are NOT integrated with the Embassy of India, the Indian High Commission or the VFS Global.
The Imaging Professionals provides you with the services of consultancy and the help to fill up the application forms for OCI and also the filling process of Indian form. We do not offer money returns because we are based on services. We guarantee you that the entire application will be refilled for you if it is rejected for any purpose. We will do the redo of the application free of cost. And we will give our 100% to make your application right. We are not responsible for travelling distance or travelling expenses. By choosing our services, you approve to assure and hold safe. At The Imaging Professionals, we do not give any warranty.

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