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Throughout the 2 year period, we have helped numerous clients in obtaining PAN cards in store from our branch in Coventry.pan card coventry

We have a very simple and quick way to solve your problem to provide you with your PAN number. Our in store service charge is 35 pounds which will help you through the entire course of the PAN application as well as the Pan card photo. The choice of the pan card photo is the best one because of the ideal size and this process is done at a very fast pace.

For the UK citizens there are many services in India but it is our advice to everyone out there to be very careful in deciding how to use the services.

Get your PAN card in Coventry, we take care of the whole process

We are based in Coventry and the location of our office is very ideal. We offer very reasonable prices and the process of sending the documents abroad can be a very risky and scary experience as well.
First do your booking and then visit our store in Coventry. You can wait while we will fill the forms for you. We will provide you with the best of service by filling all your forms and proceeding with the entire procedure for you.
However, if you have issues in coming in store you can simply contact us through email. Our email address is
We will inform you about which documents are required for the PAN card as per your requirements. You can use the The Imaging Professionals and the PAN card application so that you can get a guaranteed pass service and not face any problems.

Ready to Book an Appointment for PAN Card application help at The Imaging Professionals?

You can either call us at 02476101687 and get to know about our work or else you can even contact us on our email address . You can easily call or email us and find out if we are available or not.

PAN card for OCI holders and NRIs

For those residents who are not of Indian nationality, they are required to have a permanent account number. This is required for various purposes such as open an account in India, return a file, or for any kind of final transaction to take place. To have a permanent account number is very necessary. For those residents who reside in UK or elsewhere and for the non-Indian residents, it can be quite a confusion to get a PAN. It is very important to file with the correct documents or else the request for PAN will be rejected.

In the United Kingdom, the fees for the PAN is just thousand rupees. This fee includes application fees as well as the dispatch charges. All kinds of fees must be paid with either a credit or a debit card.

Our 35 pound fees include the two PAN card photos in the pan card application as well. The Indian embassy has some very strict rules in matters of the PAN card photo as well as on the OCI application. They do not accept those photos which are taken from the UK photo booths.


They have very high standards such as hard copy photos and digitised and so we will help you in the best way to achieve them.

The specifications of the PAN passport photos are the requirement of the correct background colour, the correct size of Indian passport as well as the correct face angle. A kiosk will not be able to meet all these requirements and it is a fact that many PAN and OCI applicants have failed and their applications have been rejected.

Pan Card help in store

We have a great pass pan service where we have employed a very special member of the staff who will provide you with all the valuable information and help you to fill your application online from call or in the store. They will then let you know the correct documents you need to submit, edit their size, digitise your sign, and the OCI photo we will take in the store. Our clients are well aware of our services we provide and many people have travelled great distances from all over United Kingdom just to take our services.

Pan Card Photo

The Imaging Professionals knows very well all the requirements of the pan card photo and we are also able to create a photo of the size 3.5 by 2.5 cm which has a white background and you just have to wait. Our photo charges are 9.99pounds and if you do not want help with the pan card photo application then you can just come at our office and you do not even need any appointment.

OCI application help

We at The Imaging Professionals also provide our customers with OCI help and have gathered a lot of customers all across the UK through our location in Coventry.
So, what you have to do now is to just book an appointment for your OCI application.
For further details, have a look at the video to get complete knowledge of the OCI process.

PAN card photo specifications

For the OCI visa passport photo, you can wait in the store while we will print them for you in just 9.99 pounds.

Is The Imaging Professionals Affiliated with the Indian Embassy? What we do and some of our terms.

The Imaging Professionals is not affiliated with the PAN Indian embassy. For the OCI, pan card and Indian form filling process we also offer consultancy services however we do not offer any refund because of being service based. We will make anything correct if we have done it wrongly and make amendments. The travel expenses one makes are not our responsibility. If you get our services, you will have access to harmless The Imaging Professionals.
So, book an appointment today for OCI application help.

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