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Digital Passport Photo Code is ideal for UK online passport application.

We have helped many to get a digital photo code for UK online passport application.  Digital photo or passport photo code is required to complete an online UK passport application.

The Imaging Professionals has helped many to generate digital photo code or digital photo for online UK passport application. Now, you can apply online for UK passport or renew expired passport.

If you will prefer to use our pass & money back guaranteed service, just take a photo with your mobile phone against plain light background, do not use camera flash. Send it over to us for processing, validation and printing. Your approved digital photo code will be sent to your email within few hours. Click here to get started.

We use an approved system to generate photo code which will be sent directly to your email address. It takes approximately 5-10mins to generate your photo code once the photo is taken in our photographic studio. See a sample of digital photo code in the picture below.

We charge only £9.99 to take and generate passport photo code in our studio.

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Dos And Donts of Digital passport photo

There are some dos and don’ts of a digital passport photo which you have to keep in mind when you are taking them. A lot of people attempt to take digital photos nowadays as they have smartphones. Instead of spending money with the professionals, they consider to do it all by themselves. The only cost they have to pay is the printing one. So once you have the passport photo-aligned, you can surely print out as many as you want.

Some Dos and Don’ts

Learn some of the important things regarding passport photos here. Make sure that you are looking straight into the camera and not downwards or upwards. Never wear a hat when you are taking the passport photo as it will hide your hair. The photo is not for the fashion purpose but the visa purposes.
Do not cover for fashion rather if you have a religious purpose or medical purpose then you may wear it. If you are wearing a scarf to cover then your face should be visible. The scarf should be at the back of your ears and not in front of your face. It should not cover any side of the face. All the features of the face should be visible in the picture.

Your Face and Hair

Do not cover your face with hair as well. Tie a ponytail or clip it when you’re taking the photo. For men, they need to comb their hair backwards so that their face is visible. The ears should be visible in the passport photo. A lot of people do not realise that when they have bangs or flicks in front of their hair that covers up the head.
Even if you have a child who has bangs in front of their forehead, make sure to help them wear the clip for the picture. You should not be compromising on the basic instructions for the passport photo. If it is not right then the visa will be on hold or rejected. You will have to get another photo which will cost you money and time both.
Instead of wasting your time, make sure that you do the work correctly in first place. If you are someone who wears contact glasses, then it is better to take them off. Even if you are not able to see through it, then it is just for the moment of taking the picture. There can be reflection or glare in the glasses which can be the reason for visa rejection.

Digital Passport Photo, ID Visa and Passport Photo

We are people choice for better digital passport photo for travel document in Coventry. Be it for newborn passport application, ID Photo for driving licence application, Indian OCI Visa Photo.

Available in hard copy or digital format for online application, we are capable to achieve your requirements. Our ID photographers will help you to get better passport photos than that obtainable from passport photo booth.